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Pigtails and Throat Jobs

You can’t spell adorable without Leah… ok maybe you can but that doesn’t change the fact that she was cute as fuck. Her smile is to innocent and all we wanted to do was stick a dick in there. She was a real giver and deepthroated like she had no gag reflex. This type of girl is rare so we made sure we rammed it as deep as we could. You never know when you’ll another girl go all the way down on it!

Cassidey Rae is so damn cute. She stripped off her tight black shirt and got and got on her knees. The way she looked up as she was waiting for a cock was so sexy. This girl is so hot it’s hard to imagine her getting a cock rammed down her mouth but she does and it’s fucking amazing! She licked this lucky cock and started blowing it like a pro. Stroking and sucking! Not enough girls do this. And to top if all off she takes a whole lot of sticky cum in her mouth.

This girl sucks…and don’t you forget it!

Gia Steel in Yes Master!

You are going to really like Gia Steel. She’s an adorable 18 year old beauty with an adorable face, thick booty and thirst for cum! She told us she loved to be dominated. Told what to do, how to do it and when to do it. That’s how we like our girls, nice and submissive so we have her a hard cock, told her to suck it, to suck it hard, suck it now and suck it until we tell her to stop and she followed orders!

This girl sucks…and don’t you forget it!

Alexis Grace is cum hungry and if you ask her she’ll let you know. Most guys don’t ask. Sometime all we have to do is ask. She’s a nice tall girl with long legs and a perfect fat booty! We bent her over and spanked her a little bit, she teased us and we teased her! Then we had her open her mouth wide and rammed a cock down her throat to see how far she could take it. FYI, she takes it far and loves it!

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Madelyn Monroe is a bad girl. She likes talking dirty, getting thrown and slapped and taking a cock down her throat. She also tattooed and petite. That’s a very good combination. She already had sex earlier but that didn’t satisfy her.

Shes wanted more so I got her to crawl over and I rammed it down her throat. She loves getting chocked by a cock and wanted more! CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE!!!

Brynn Tyler is an interactive cocksucker! She loves placing her warm lips on a hard cock and sucking the cum out and looking up at a guy as he watches blow him. That’s hot as fuck. Seeing a girl enjoying a cock in her mouth is a super turn on. Brynn almost jumped for it when it got pulled out and stroked and sucked.

Wow Casey Cumz is a cutie! She’s from Mississippi and loves to open wide and take a hard cock to the back of her throat. It’s funny that all my favorite girls share that same quality haha! So after getting to know Casey a bit and learning she’s got a beautiful fucking ass we got her to suck the cum out of a hard cock!

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I’ve been running this company for awhile and today I get a notice from an disgruntled employee that wants to have a meeting with me. She wanted a raise. She thought she was doing a great job managing everything and that I need to bump her salary up a bit. Well I’m a fair guy I told her that if she wanted a raise she would need to show me how hard she would work.


Jennifer Sloan has some big doe eyes that make me melt. I could stare in them all day while my cock is in her mouth. Which is good because she likes to giver and givers are hard to find in this world. She told me deepthroating is her favorite sexual act. The gagging, tearing up, spit and asphyxiation are a couple of her favorite things. Well I put her to work to test out these allegations. I have a good job!

This girl sucks…and don’t you forget it!

Fuck you Frank

Kodi found a video of her man Frank getting his dick sucked by another girl. She was not cool with that so she wanted to make a little revenge video and needed my cock to coaster. Well I didn’t want to get in the middle of this but he doesn’t know what my cock looks like so fuck it, lets do this!

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